Mythology Theories and Creation Myths

Published: 2021-06-29 06:39:30
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Running head: MYTHOLOGY THEORIES AND CREATION MYTHSMythology Theories and Creation MythsBuster HaymenUniversity of PhoenixMythology Theories and Creation Myths         Several types of mythology theories exist; in this paper I will summarize three, comparative, structuralism, and cultural.  I will also compare two creation myths and explain the function within the culture using the theories I have summarized.         Johann Gottfried von Herder suggested that the environment had an influence on people’s disposition, body type, and social values associated with their culture. Which in turn influenced three related fields of mythological schools of thought which used comparative mythology; the first group used language, the second used the environment, and the third used ethnicity.  In short Comparative Mythology focuses on the similarities of myths from different cultures and tries to identify like themes and characteristics        Mythologists also compared the structure of myths.  Claude Levi Strauss among others believed that myths were structured through literary meaning.  A contemporary of Strauss, Vladimir Propp, studied thousands of stories and came to a conclusion that there were constants and variants noted, which were the characters changed, but the functions of the characters throughout the plot were relatively the same.  Propp stated that these stories had thirty one functions; the first being the hero leaves home and the thirty first is when the hero returns, marries, and then ascends the throne, a happy ending so to speak.  Between the first and the thirty first is when the hero faces the trials and tribulations of his journey.  Strauss’ studies included South American myths, through these myths he was able to distinguish a code, associated with sociological, culinary, astronomical, and cosmological aspects of the myths.  He stated that these codes represented polar opposites or binary oppositions.  Two of his examples relate to the married versus unmarried or people versus the other.  He concluded that myths collaborates the tensions created by these opposites.

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