Myths Across Cultures

Published: 2021-06-29 06:39:32
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For this paper I have chose the Navajo people's creation myth and the Norse people's
Creation myth. They have many similarities between the two and I will do my best to describe
them and their similarities. Though these to physically different looking people come from
very different areas of the world they are very similar in legends and myths.

The first myth I will describe is that from the Navajo and there first world was filled with
emptiness and darkness. This world had six beings first man, first woman, salt woman, fire
god, coyote and Begochiddy. Begochiddy was the being that created the mountains and water
to fill the void. Begochiddy has been described as a male figure and the creator of all that fills
the world, he also taught the first man and woman how to live. Begochiddy had moved man
from world to world for various reasons one of them was because of a great flood that filled
the world. Another was because first man and woman had many fights with another being and
Begochiddy knew they would never overcome their differences so he moved his people to

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