Napoleon Bonaparte

Published: 2021-06-29 06:39:35
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NAPOLEON Bonaparte

I would like to speak about someone very important in French and World History, a great leader called Napoleon Bonaparte, a brilliant military that led the French army in a series of victories against all the European superpowers. As the emperor of France, he was a great leader, who concluded the French Revolution, transformed the government and introduced a legal system that still remains in Europe. Nevertheless, he was a controversial person, because he annulled a lot of advances of the French Revolution and turned France into an empire, not very different from the kingdom it was before.
This is a small introduction of his life, here you have the story:

Napoleon Bonaparte was born in the year 1769 in Corsica, a small island in the Mediterranean Sea. At the age of 16, he joined the army, and a few months later he had an important rank: second lieutenant. But he wanted more, so eight years later, in 1793 he achieved a significant victory on the Austrians in Tolon, Italy and a year after he left to Egypt, with the intention of invade India and crush the English whom, as you know, had a very important colony there.

In 1803 Napoleon dominated all continental Europe, but he wanted to have the control of the seas, the majority in hands of the English. He assembled an army with which he could invade England, but he failed in his mission and returned back to France.

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