Napoleon Case

Published: 2021-06-29 06:39:37
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The main outcome of the French Revolution was that it was the initial step of a nation changing from a monarchy to ultimately would turn into a republic. This did not happen overnight but the end result was a change in the owner of the power. The French Revolution eventually resulted in a limited monarchy. It had a king who was only able to appoint ministers and sign laws. He no longer had absolute power. The next step was the creation of the National Convention. The National Convention is what proclaimed a republic. The power was then given to the middle class; this was still uneven but was more even than it had been before.
Another change was the tight regulations on tolls, trade unions, price fixing and other government controls loosened after the revolution. A freer market was created. Trade unions were no longer legal. People had the right to pay market value rather than what the government forced them too.

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