National Education Policy

Published: 2021-06-29 06:39:42
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There were a number of general policies as well as short term policies and programmes that have been launched since independence in 1957 to accomplished the main objective of creating an integrated and united Malaysian nation-state. The most significant policies and programmes came only after the year 1971. This includes the launched of New Economy Policy in 1971 by Tun Abdul Razak. This policy ended in 1990 and its basic principles and spirit continued to be adopted in the National Development Policy (1991-2000), a policy launched by Dato' Seri Mahathir Mohamad. Subsequently, this policy is replaced by the National Vision Policy (2001-2010). The basic goals of these three policies is to eradicate poverty regardless of race and restructure the Malaysian society to eliminate identification of race with economic function and geographical location.
National Education Policy can be divided into four major phases which includes Razak Report era, 1956; Rahman Talib Report era, 1960; Cabinet Report, 1979; and Educational Bill, 1995. The main objective of this policy is to reduce the rate of poverty besides fostering unity among the people. National Cultural Policy are implemented in 1971 to strengthen the unity of race and country. In September 1982, Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, proposed that in the long term, Malaysia should strive to achieve a population of about 70 million in the National Population Policy. The objective of National Youth Policy is to instill the spirit of unity, volunteerism and autonomy while the objective of National Unity Policy is to foster unity among races to create a society that is united and harmonious.
In conclusion, implementation of policies was adapted to current socio-economic values and politics in the country. Generally, development policies were implemented to fulfil socio-economic needs such as, economic growth, income distribution and welfare. The success of government policy depends on efficient and effective implementation. To develop the country, Malaysian must be supportive and committed to making the main policies a success.

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