Negotiation Strategy

Published: 2021-06-29 06:33:28
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Negotiation Strategy Article
This assignment describes and list two articles that describe negotiation of employs and the negotiation strategies. The negotiation process used in each selected articles. The assignment will compare and contrast the two strategies and how it is applied in a work place setting.
The Importance of Culture and Bargaining in International Negotiations
The readings in this article describe the process of negotiation through bargaining and the importance culture plays when negotiation a deals. The strategy in this article is a win-win both sides will negotiate back and forth, but both sides will receive some of what they want. The naval ship was transported to Italy, Greece were it was discovered the ship needed repairs, but the navy on had 15,000 dollars for repairs that would cost 40,000 from Greece ship yard. Although, there were no others to negotiate the contract the work out to the commander, the skipper and the crew made a plaque to negotiate a deal. The shipyard was proud of the 25 plaques they already posed and it had been years since they had received a plaque for repairing a United States navy ship. This deal would give back the respect that the ship yard once advertised in brochures. This would be a win-win negotiation for both the ship yard and the navy. The aspect of learning the awareness of Italy's culture set the grounds for negotiating a deal. One must appreciate information presented, received, absorbed, digested, calculated, summarized, and practiced.

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