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Published: 2021-06-29 06:35:25
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Executive Summary
Many popular brands are using celebrities as spokespeople to enhance their brand image. This attitude study aims to research the effects of athlete endorsements (Tiger Woods) on brand image (Nike), in particular, whether Nike has been affected by the change in Tiger Woods' image due to his recent personal life difficulties.
We developed the study to find the following:
1. The overall attitude toward Nike as a brand
2. The overall attitude toward Tiger Woods as a person
3. The overall attitude of Tiger as an endorser of Nike
4. Do consumers separate their feelings regarding the person Tiger and the golfer Tiger, and associate Nike simply with the professional aspects and does it affect the brand?
Based on the result set we received, we believe that having Tiger Woods as an endorser hasn't negatively impacted Nike's brand image. Based on our research we think Nike can continue to use Tiger Woods as the endorser. However, we would recommend Nike to find a fresh athlete with similar stature in sports as Tiger in 2012, as Tiger hasn't won a major championship since 2008, and he's probably not going to be as popular with the new generation of consumers.
Analysis Methodology
To find out what attitudes people hold towards Tiger Woods and towards Nike, a survey was designed and conducted among 30 of our classmates. The goal of the study was to figure out how closely people associate endorser with the brand and how any negative perception of the endorser can lead to negativity towards the brand. In particular, our research and analysis focus on the relationship between the attitudes towards Tiger and Nike. That is, how strongly are people's attitudes towards Nike affected by their attitudes towards Tiger Woods?

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