Non-Government Organization

Published: 2021-06-29 06:36:16
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Non Government Organization (NGO)
Sabah Cheshire Home
* Is a registered, private and charitable organization, which provides care and shelter for disabled persons irrespective of race, religion and culture working with them to help them to live independently

Organization Characteristics
Aims and Objectives
To create an enabling environment for disabled persons to exercise their rights to lead a life as normal as possible within their capabilities in the Home and within the Society
* To provide every resident with a home environment and an opportunity for a full and productive life
* To provide vocational facilities and training opportunities for the physically disabled to enable them to engage in constructive vocational activities either in employment or business
* To promote quality institutional care for the disabled
* To provide family support service to persons with disabilities living in their own homes
* To support and provide early intervention programs

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