Nora Case

Published: 2021-06-29 06:28:21
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Nora faces the threat of her secret being exposed to the people around her by Krogstad since he knows that she forged her father's signature to move to Italy. Nora also has to face her husband because when he reads the letter he's basically thinking about his own reputation not Nora's. After Helmer reads the letter all he can think about is me, which is when Nora finally realizes that she has to leave her home and learn for herself how the world works. "You've destroyed all my happiness. You've ruined my whole future." When Helmer gets another letter at a later hour he finds that his reputation has been saved and all he says is "I'm saved! Nora, I'm saved!" and he doesn't even mention that Nora as well has been saved until she asks "And what about me?" Nora is also against him in the fact that he shields her more than necessary, which makes her unable to learn what goes on in the world. Her father, or Papa, whom she loved dearly always provided for her, but also kept her from learning what there is in the world to learn. Mrs. Linde seemed to be the only one thinking about Nora's best because even though she let Krogstad keep the letter in the mail box she helped Nora to see the truth in things in a way. She helped Nora to get her secret off her chest and because of it there are no more lies in the house, Nora sees that her husband is selfish on the inside even though he said he loved her dearly.

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