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Published: 2021-06-29 06:45:52
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Wake up P Noy!
(A position paper on the SUC Budget Cut 2010)
Year 2010. The Philippines has now elected its new president, the individual who will direct the country towards a new standpoint, the person who's going to be the brain and the voice of our nation, and the leader of every entity of our homeland. He is the well-respected "Benigno (Noynoy) Aquino Jr.". Each and one of us has a strong belief and admiration towards him, not only that we assume that he has a great potential, but he is also the son of the late "Benigno (Ninoy) Aquino", who has fought against the Marcos during the time of Batas Militar. The high reverence of each Filipino towards him is truly remarkable.
On the day of his SONA, President Noynoy Aquino stressed some points that have deeply hanged about each of our minds. He has addressed "Freeing UP Funds Education". He has mentioned that in his term of presidency, he can further broaden the horizons of education. And as for us, the students of this generation, we have intensely put our strong faiths and loyalty to our newly elected president. However, with the news spreading throughout this country, the Budget Cut on SUCs, he has totally reversed our mindsets. How can he ever bring back our loyalty in him if he has just recently approved such nonsense?
2010 Budget Cut on SUCs (State Universities and Colleges) has been approved and is now all over the news. The University of the Philippines got the greatest effect of all, receiving a 20% cut which is around 1.39 billion pesos. He lowered the percentage of budget allotted to education to raise the percentage of budget allotted for military purposes. What is more important to him anyway, military protection or education of the nation? Or is he just plainly afraid of the coup d' etats? But the major question is, "What is really the value of State Universities and Colleges to him?". Being educated is the most essential part of being a human. Each individual has the freedom to be educated, and we all plan to savor this freedom. The most affordable places to be educated are these institutions. Noynoy is clueless of the value of money for middle-class people studying in state universities, and how greatly it can affect the tuition increase for the next school year. Does he want to start "education deprivation" here in the Philippines?
P Noy's response is that he wants the state universities and colleges to be self-sufficient and independent toward budgets. Additional to that, he knows that UP has the capacity to source its own funds. His deductions were absolutely wrong! Actually, UP is doing numerous things to support the school and have funds. So with the budget cut, the more difficulties UP will have for their sources and funds. Moreover, what can possibly be his explanation to his garbage towards other schools to which

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