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Odysseus was a known person. He was a hero in so many ways. He is son of the Laertes, king of Ithaca. He is married to Penelope and his little baby boy named Telemachus Odysseus was part of the Troy War. He was a big factor in that war. Odysseus was a brave soldier and did not take no for an answer. When war came to his head it meet winning and that what occur. Odysseus was the type to not take non-sense so if you did something that Odysseus did not a provide then you will face a real bad consequence. Here is something that happens in a story that Odysseus: Odysseus acts impulsively in killing the suitors. He attacks and kills them without contemplating the consequences for his actions. It is true that Odysseus wonders how he would handle the parents and relatives of the suitors once they were dead, but those possible consequences were not enough to keep him from murdering. The hero fell asleep on the ship, and the crew put him on a shore. Poseidon was so angered by this, that he punished the Faiacs by turning the ship into stone and islolating their islands with huge mountains around it. Odysseus cried when he woke up, because he did not recognize the surroundings.

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