Olympics in Greece

Published: 2021-06-29 06:28:00
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Do you ever wonder how the Olympics started? Do you even know what The Olympics is? The Olympics is an incredible and fascinating event that brings countries together, to show and do what they love and how they excel at it. The Olympics was and still is a huge event that has occurred for many years. You may have many questions. I however, have a few questions I am going to focus on. How are the Olympics today the same as it was in Ancient Greece? Also, how is it different? The last question is what was and is the point of the Olympics?
The Olympics in Ancient Greece started around 700 BC. This celebration was held every four years in honor of one of the gods named Zeus. Zeus was the god they worshipped most. He controls lighting and thunder. He is also known as the father of Greek Heroes and the ancestor of many Greeks.
The Olympics in Greece had many rules. Greek men could only participate, married women could not even enter the stadium, only young virgin girls and priestesses could come and watch, and once the man signed up for the Olympic games they could not get out of it. The reason why women could not attend was, because they were considered second-class citizens. They sought them out to be Pollutant.

Ancient Greece Olympic Games had different types of games running, boxing, discus throwing, javelin throwing, and chariot racing. Javelin Throwing originated in Ancient Greece, It involves throwing a painted pole or stick. What the judges looked for is distance, speed, strength, and accuracy. Chariot Racing Was a race between four competitors that had two horses. They raced around the track twelve times which is nine miles. Discus Throwing is when you throw a disk a certain distance. The disks back then were made of stone that weighed around 1.3 and 6.6 kg.

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