Omni-Channel Marketing

Published: 2021-06-29 06:38:01
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Omni-Channel is defined as the multi-channel approach to marketing, selling and serving customers in an integrated & seamless way.It is a platform evolved and being used by many brands to give an easier access to the consumers to reach out to the brands, directly or indirectly with intermediaries. Brands nowadays use various social media platforms to communicate easily with their target customers such that- Facebook, twitter, Pinterest and are coming up with various e-commerce channels to diversify its availability to the customers.Different brands are taking different measures to improve their accessibility and availability to the local customers. For Example- Van Heusen recently opened its first digitally immersive flagship store where customers are greeted by a 42-inch digital display called 'Todays Briefing’ offering the look of the day, new styles and fashion trends. With an eye towards attracting the audience who prefer shopping online, a flagship store diversifies the list of a customer who wishes to try each outfit before clicking a checkout button on screen.The advantages we see in this channel of marketing is that of the vast range availability to the customers, and improvement in the shopping experience. There are options to order online if something is not available in the store, with just a click on your desktop or mobile device and they deliver it to your doorstep.The complete circle of omni-channel strategy for seamless shopping experience will go as per the following steps:   A customer before hopping in the store can book its sales associate who will be his guide during the purchase, helping in all the tasks from helping them discover the right size, today’s briefing, look of the day, offer of the day, trial help outs, billing, till the customer leaves the store.If a customer appoints a sales associate via an app or website, he or she will be assigned one as per their choice of gender. On the customers visit the sales associate can enter his complete data from the shoulder size, to the chest, bust, hip, shoe size, etc in his tab and identify the right fit for shirt, trousers, dresses, shoes, etc.The app can also have a small questionnaire for a person’s style and later generate results according to the answers, which will in all help the customers till in going through the whole collection.They can also virtually preview the selected clothes on them through the tab without stepping into the trial rooms.If a particular size shirt is not in stock and customer wishes to buy that the associate can easily place an order online and delivery it to the customers place with any of the delivery option which the customer wishes for.The associate can even ask the customer to make online payment for the clothes purchased in the store rather than getting into the hassle of billing desk.All the items purchased will be uploaded in the same booking app or website account and the customer can easily go through its purchase with the bill and get easy return options from the same app or website without coming to the store again.On every shopping which the customer does his loyalty/ reward points are accumulated in the app and can be redeemed later during his next purchase.

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