Online Predators

Published: 2021-06-29 06:41:28
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Online predators are mainly adults who track vulnerable children and teens through the internet.
The anonymity of the internet is what makes it so dangerous. When your child goes onto the internet he/she doesn't know who they are interacting with, the child might think they know but they really don't. (Donna Hughes, 2001)
How do these Online predators work? Well they use a variety of ways such as finding kids through blogging, chat rooms, instant messaging, email, discussion boards, and many other websites. The predators also seduce their targets through gifts, kindness, affection, and attention. They always take the child's side for example the child thinks that their parents are unfair. The Online predators will take their side and make them feel comfortable.

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The Online predators have found a new way to track their prey. The Online predators are highly known for the traps of chat rooms. But now it has been reported that they are now stalking kids through internet gaming. "Predators aren't sitting in their basements anymore. They're working out of starbucks. Open wireless is creating problems", said Lt. Tom Kish of the Michigan State Police, commander of the states Internet Crimes against Children task Force. (Valerie Olander, 2011)
The majority of parents, keeping their children safe and protected is a very high priority. "We've all heard our share of sad but true horror stories of kids who were identified online, then stalked, abducted, abused and in a few cases murdered by real life monsters we refer to as Online predators". (Jim Liebelt)

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