Opinion on Torture

Published: 2021-06-29 06:46:36
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Category: Social Issues

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Torture is a common tactic used to punish people, it aims to destroy and put down human dignity therefore it should be stopped at all cost. Although never justified, torture has been going on ever since civilization existed and continues to go on during this present day. Due to the brutality of torture it should be solely prohibited to keep this nation free from unjust practices. Dershowitz states "All the evils of torture would be multiplied... proclaiming loudly that we are against it but subtly winking an eye of approval when it is done" (198). What this is saying is that the act of torture and the use of it will increase if people act like it's not going on. By being willingly ignorant, we are saying that we support the atrocities of torture therefore delaying the proper actions to prohibit it. Torture has had its share all throughout this planet and its brutality has not only affected the guilty but also the innocent. The fact is that no living being deserves to be put under such excruciating pain and psychological stress, so every step must be taken to abolish such a practice.

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