Organ Trade

Published: 2021-06-29 06:46:51
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Luke MolloyEngl 111-36Professor Doug Estell8 February 2016 Human Trafficking                 Did you know your organs could be worth a various sum of cash? In the article “Human Traffic: Exposing the brutal Organ Trade” by Nancy Scheper-Hughes, author Nancy brings to light the disturbing issue of organ trade. It’s a matter that a lot of the world remains ignorant of and for that purpose exactly is what this passage is for.         Nancy takes the reader on a journey through the black market and shows many other aspects of organ trading. She holds countless interviews and shows her progress in uncovering the horrifying subject.  The author explains the different factors involved when it comes to buying and selling your organs.         In the organ trade there’s a buyer, seller, and the broker a.k.a. the surgeon or crime leader. It starts with someone needing an organ transplant known as the buyer. The buyer could need the organ for a few reasons. An example could be if the buyer had dialysis and needed a new kidney to sustain life. He would seek out a broker and then they would find a seller. The brokers are surgeons or crime figures who help organize the procedure. The brokers manipulate and lie to convince someone else into selling their organs. They have even often threatened a man physically if he wasn’t going to give up the kidney.” Those who refused outright were threatened or beaten. One young man, Vladimir*, explained the stark ‘choice’ that faced him in Istanbul: ‘If I hadn’t given up my kidney to that dog of a surgeon, my body would be floating somewhere in the Bosporus Strait.”(5) The brokers are basically always on the run 24/7 doing their work in various places to avoid detection.

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