Organic Foods and Your Health

Published: 2021-06-29 06:41:46
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Is eating organic healthier for you? In my research I found that in some studies it does show
significant gains in eating all organic foods. When comparing the mutagenic toxin growth I
found that in both studies organic foods are better at blocking the toxins. It is also a benefit that
it helps to block the proliferation of some cancer cells. Although it is not all that cost effective
from a budget stand point it is from a health stand point. In some of the studies I found that the
nutrient levels are the same or not significantly different. When choosing to go all organic you
need to decide whether or not you are willing to pay the price difference when there are not a
lot of studies to prove if you are getting more nutrients than eating nonorganic foods. You also
need to keep in mind that even though all organic foods are to be produced using no pesticides
there is still going to be pesticide residue on your organic food. This is due to the fact that
pesticides travel around the world in the atmosphere. However, these pesticide levels will be a
great deal lower than what is on their nonorganic counterparts.

Organic Foods
Organic food products are the foods that are produced and grown using very little or no
chemicals. The main factors that makes a food organic is that it contains no pesticides,
preservatives or other chemicals during the production or processing of the products. The
fertilizers used must also be organic; no synthetic ingredients can be used. Organic foods can
not be genetically altered either. On the other hand nonorganic foods are products produced
using chemicals, preservatives, or pesticides during the production or processing of the products.
These products typically have a longer shelf life due to the preservatives and chemicals added to
them. Depending on many factors, the nutritional content of fruit and vegetable crops vary.
Some of these factors are fertilizer regime, methods used for crop protection, growing conditions
and season. The nutritional composition of animal food products also vary depending on several
factors. The age and breed of an animal, the season of production and the feeding regime are
some of the factors that affect this. This is why many people believe eating organic foods are
healthier for you.
The USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) has guidelines for which a product
has to meet before they can be approved with the organic seal. The US fully implemented the

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