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Published: 2021-06-29 06:35:24
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According to the integrative case "B.R. Richardson timber Products Corporation" we will work out a report with theoretical approaches and practical proposals in order to achieve organizational change within this firm.
First we want to suggest a model and a prospect to entering in contract with the Corporation.
For guiding our report work we stick to the General Model of Planned Change. This Model provides 4 steps of granting a Change and Improvement by addressing the tasks of Entering and Contracting, followed by Diagnosing, Planning and Implementing Change and finally Evaluating and Institutionalizing Change. We will begin through suggesting and guiding the Entering Process.
Before both sides the OD practitioners and the Management of the B.R. Richardson Corp. are starting with any measurements or activities they have to clearly clarify the organizational issues. This is useful and important according to the aspects of providing a similar and shared basement for cooperation, exactly defined duties, rules and responsibilities as well as setting common goals. The entering process often means to the client organization a kind of opening, revealing internal issues and weaknesses to strangers. This concerns and attitude of rejection must be unlearned previously in order to build a trustful and strong relationship of working together with the consultants.
The first step is clarifying the organizational issues. Within this task the client organization should present their problem on a concrete but illustrating way in a first meeting. Furthermore the symptoms related to the problem must be revealed and discussed. Applying this to the case their problem seen of the company point of view is:
The main problem is the company's president wanted to solve was the low motivation of his employees, the fatality which happened a few months ago and the authoritative character of the plant manager. Richardson was searching for someone to conduct a "motivation course" for the blue-collar employees.
But in many cases the presenting problem is only a symptom of an underlying problem. The issue facing the organization must be clarified early in the OD process. So here we think the motivation problem is just a consequence of a deeper problem, because this lack must me driven by other factors. Therefore we need to gain a clearer perspective through determining the relevant client. We recommend collecting preliminary data. Here would be a meeting with key persons of the company appropriate. The aim of this measure is to examine record and interviews in order to understand their organization, its context and the nature of the problem. This was done by the OD practitioner jet and helped to negotiate about the issues regarding the contracting process. Furthermore here defining the relevant client is more complex because it cannot readily be addressed in a single unit. The perception of client must include members from different unit and from different hierarchical levels. Regarding this the key persons / members must be sought out, who are important and necessary for the change. Besides that their relationships are critical tool. So we found out that the main people of working power and authority are: Ben Richardson (president), Joe Bamford (Manager), Richard Bowman, Dirk Vorhees, Rolf Dunbar, John Waltson, Ron Baker, Bob Griffith, ...

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