Paint Can Experiment

Published: 2021-06-29 06:45:36
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Variation of Reaction Rates

Purpose: The reason of this experiment is to show a dramatic change of rate in a combustion reaction. I hypothesized that when the oxygen in the air and methane enter a balanced state within the can, the pressure will trigger the lid to explode off.

Materials Needed: A one-gallon paint can, a lid for the can with a 0.5 cm hole in the bottom, a lab source of methane gas, a source of flame, air, and a tool to punch a hole in the can.


Take an empty paint can and punch a hole in the lid and several holes near the bottom.
Take the lid off and fill it with gas from gas source.
Put the lid back on and light a flame above the hole.
Move away from the can and explain that in order for the gas to burn it needs oxygen, so the gas burns only as it enters the air.
Explain that if you had the right amount of air inside the can, it would burn inside the can there could even be an explosion.
As you're demonstrating, air will be entering the can from the bottom.
There will be an explosion.

Data- Not applicable.
Results- Not applicable.

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