Papermaking Supply Chain

Published: 2021-06-29 06:47:32
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Question 1 – Papermaking supply chain
The paper manufactured in this process is in rolls that are subsequently shipped to other customers downstream in the supply chain. Identify a final product and customer for which paper is used and describe the supply chain beginning with the paper making process.

An a example of a finished paper product from a process as it is described by the Wisconsin Paper Council would be Copy Paper, typically used in most office spaces around the world.

A description of the Supply Chain:
1. Timber. The raw material of paper is at the root, trees that are typically harvested and replanted like many other crops. Paper can also incorporate or exist of recycled paper that originated from timber.
2. Factory. Trees that have harvested are then sent to the factory for debarking, chipping, pulping, refinement, screening/cleaning, and paper manufacturing. Finished products from this stage are giant rolls of mostly uncut paper.

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