Published: 2021-06-29 06:47:34
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So many people do things that aren't right just to be accepted in other's eyes. We see this happen often in parenting. Parents trying to be cool in their own kid's eyes lead them to jeopardize that child's future. The truth is that parents are not strict enough with their kids. I speak from experience; lack of discipline can be seen in my family and in my friends.
Not being strict enough as a parent is something commonly seen in my aunts immediate family. She believes that it is more important to be a cool parent than discipline her kids. According to a research conducted at FIU's (Florida International University) Psychology Department, 6 out of 10 Americans believe it is more fundamental to be a cool parent than discipline their children when they disobey. My aunt, unfortunately, is among the many parents that develop this style of parenting. This parenting style is referred to as permissive parenting.
What are the consequences of developing this poor parenting style? Disastrous. Many kids fail to achieve a high level of success due to no set standards or moral values, which are key to achieve success. Some good examples of poor parenting due to lack of strictness can be seen in some of my friend's parents, particularly in john's parents. John is a friend of mine that is someone who struggles though life due to alcoholism, disrespectful and offensive personality traits, and ignorance. Many of these bad qualities are due to lack of structure and discipline given by his parents. My friend's parents are permissive parents. Discipline for their child was not necessary because the focus was maintaining cool parent status.

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