Patient Bill of Rights

Published: 2021-06-29 06:40:45
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Patient Bill of Rights

In the United States of America, the patients of the country are provided a particular right. This right is called the patient bill of right(Kronenfeld, 2002).This right is a very important right for the people in the country who are there in the health care organization for the purpose of getting their treatment properly and easily. In the present situation, there is a patient which is suffering from the disease called anorexia. In the case, she was given the food by using the food pipe. This was done so that she could get fit and perfect without any trouble. When she was given the food in this way, then she agreed to the same but later on she refused it.
According to the patients' bill of right it is necessary that the patient is provided the treatment according to his wishes and he is not forced for anything. On the basis of this statement, it can be said that patients' bill of right is applicable in this particular situation as the lady, June was not provided the treatment in the manner, she wanted to have the treatment. If she did not want to have the food to be given through food pipe then, as per the patient bill of right, she should not be provided the treatment which is not according to her choice. On the basis of the above, it can be said that June was not given the treatment according to her choice which should be given as per patient bill of rights.
The present situation relates to the fact in which the patient June is suffering from a particular disease called anorexia. The duty of the hospital authorities if that they should provide the best possible treatment to her so that she can easily avoid the sickness and stay fit. The hospital authorities are into a critical situation as if they do not give proper treatment to her then her life may get into danger. In addition to this thing, June does not want to get the treatment as per the wish of the hospital authorities. The current scenario is of the sort in which June cannot be said to have the right to decide herself about the treatment that should be provided to her.
The doctors in the hospital are the best judge to decide about the acts that should be done and the type of treatment which should be provided to her. If she is provided the treatment as she wants then there is a possibility that her life could come into danger. In this way, the best decision in the current scenario should be continuing her with the treatment with the food pipe as this will be the best kind of treatment which can be available to her in the current scenario in order to make sure that her life is saved.

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