Patrol Response Survey

Published: 2021-06-29 06:45:50
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Self Reports
 The most obvious way to find out what a person feels, thinks or does is to ask them
Finding Out

 They can be( ),which means that there is a set of ( ) questions
 Or, they can be unstructured which means that questions are developed as the interview goes along.
 We will mainly concentrate on structured techniques and in particular ( )
 Commonly, questionnaires require short responses and allow us to easily compare the results between one person and another and to calculate ( ).
Questionnaires and Interviews
 Designing a questionnaire survey

Strengths of questionnaires
 Many people can be tested ( )It is easy to generate quantitative data and easy to analyse
 Used to collect large amounts of data about what people ( )as well as what they do!
 Convenient - researcher does not need to be present as answers can be mailed so respondent has time to consider answers.

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