Perception and Decision Making Sharon P

Published: 2021-06-29 06:32:21
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Perception and Decision Making
Sharon P

The controller introduced the office to the new employee; I had a feeling that she would not last a month in her new position. She was confident about her skills but she seemed overwhelmed by how we function in the office.
When meeting new people within an organization you begin to watch, listen and learn how they are going to function. Working in a big company just by word of mouth you get a feel of the people that are going to be around you on a daily basis. Making quick judgments or selective perception of people could possibly bring down the morale of an organization. You not only hinder the ability of all people to work together, but because you already have bad feelings toward a person (s), you fail to work together and instead hinder yourself from being a better employee or co-worker.
If we use the halo effect of perception one bad characteristic of a person could also cloud the way we work together. At the time of the first meeting, that person could have had outside factors that have either made them seem distant or even uptight. Now if the person seems to be the happiest person in the world on the first meeting and you think that they will be the best person to work with could also side swipe you when you find out that they actually have a really bad attitude when they do not get there way.

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