Perception and Treatment

Published: 2021-06-29 06:38:00
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Research Paper
COURSE # and TITLE__ENGL 102: Literature and Composition _
NAME__David D. Mesmer__ID #_L25904166__
Thesis Statement:
In "Everyman" the author shows that Death is used as God's messenger and he is sent under the authority of God.
1. Introduction
2. Summary of the Characters
God, Messenger, Death, Everyman, Fellowship, Kindred, Cousin, Goods, Good Deeds, Knowledge, Confession, Beauty, Strength, Discretion, Five Wits Angel and Doctor.
3. Author's perception and treatment of Death
4. Conclusion
Death is under God's authority and is His messenger to bring Everyman to account for his life here on Earth.

David Mesmer
Professor: Mrs. Katie Robinson
201340 Fall 2013 ENGL 102-D28 LUO
8 December 2013
Perception and Treatment of Death in
"Everyman" is an English morality play that was written by an unknown author in the late fifteenth century. A morality play includes allegorical drama, in which characters personify moral qualities or abstractions. "It achieves a beautiful, simple solemnity in treating allegorically the theme of death and the fate of the human soul--of Everyman's soul as he tries to justify his time on earth" (Everyman, Encyclopaedia). "Everyman" is meant to communicate a simple moral lesson to the audience. "The author of "Everyman" presents the hero's changing attitudes towards death and towards himself as the result of a series of encounters with other characters" (Goldhamer, 88). Many of the characters represent influences on the lives of people and the character Everyman represents all people. The author uses these characters to show what happens when a person relies on these things instead of God and takes their eye off of the end goal. In the play, the author shows that Death is God's messenger and is sent under the authority of God.

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