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Published: 2021-06-29 06:32:51
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Job Description          Our customer service position is required to provide exceptional service and be engaging with all customers.  The associate must be able to build a strong, trusting relationship and cross-sell products and services.  Associates must guarantee that the customers are the first priority. The associate must have a drive and determination for the product, services and brand.          A successful candidate must be self-motivated, organized, detail-oriented with the ability to multi-task while working in a fast-paced environment.  Our company provides an opportunity to join a growing and successful company.  This position requires the candidate must be a team player as well as work independently.  Job Requirements: Great communication skills Enthusiasm to help others A willingness to learnThe ability to perform basic math, register & computer skillsA commitment to be the best customer service associate availableMust be able to work nights, weekends, holidays, various shiftsJob Responsibilities: Greet & Welcome our guests and build relationships Discover needs & sell merchandise Suggest items that complete a sale (ex: wardrobe, make-up, jewelry, etc.)Enthusiastically meet and exceed guest expectations Meet and exceed sales goalsMust possess excellent verbal and written communication skillsOrganizational Behavior Modification        There are many ways managers can support employees and reinforce performance by using techniques like incentive plans, wages, bonuses.  The first thing that must be done is for managers to be specific with communication to employees about what is expected from each employee.  Set clear, concise details of job duties, and give constructive feedback on a regular basis, maybe month or quarterly.  At this point, the employees are aware of strengths and weaknesses.  Most workers believe they are doing a good job until a review is completed, which may be annually and the employee is devastated when the review is damaging.  Once an employee knows what is expected they can work to meet the company’s goal, which can be prosperous for the company and the employee.  Recognition and incentive programs may help to motivate employees.  One of the greatest plans would be positive reinforcement, rewarding an employee for a job well done, and strengthening an employee in areas of weaknesses.Recognition programs may be one of the greatest ways to get employees motivated, as well as encourage other employees.  Specialized training in key areas sales, service and product knowledge can keep the front-line people enthusiastic about their key role in helping the company maintain competitive edge and give the employee an opportunity to grow and possibilities for advancement.  Recognition in the form of promotion, awards and specialized training can keep the front-line people enthusiastic about their key role in helping the company maintain competitive edge.  As companies grow and employees are trained there are endless chances for prosperity.  

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