Phi 103 - Morals Case

Published: 2021-06-29 06:43:02
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Kawana Waters
PHI 103
Can one be moral and not believe in God
Michele Clearman-Warner
July 10, 2012

I. Introduction
A. Many people believe that they can be moral and not believe in God. So many people view God as a myth. Others feel that they do not need God in their life to live their life. People feel that there is no such thing as living right. By following the rules they have set for themselves. There are many who do believe that God exists, compared to other individuals who do not think so. Life can be complicated when there is no sense of guidance. We cannot judge what beliefs each person has about God, but we have to live life as to how we each believe and live it to the fullest, whether it is a bad way or a good way of life till the day that we die.
II. Differences between a moral person and a believer of God
A. Fundamentalists claim that all of society's ills-everything from AIDS to out of wedlock pregnancies-are the result of a breakdown in morality and that this breakdown is due to a decline in the belief of God (Schick, 1995).
B. Some believers feel that this is due to the decision of the banning of prayer in the classroom. Also some parents' choose to let their children do whatever they want to do and many teens want to have unprotected sex to see what it feels like and think it is an act of love when it turns out to be lust and the girl is left with a disease or child without the support of the father who helped to make the baby.

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