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Published: 2021-06-29 06:43:11
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The municipality of General Trias, more commonly known as "Malabon," (not to be confused with Malabon City in Metro Manila) is a first-class municipality situated almost in the heart of Cavite province. Under the leadership of its present mayor, Hon. Antonio "Ony" Ferrer, General Trias is comprised of 33 barangays, and is bordered by the municipality of Noveleta in the north, Rosario, Tanza and the provincial capital of Trece Martires in the west, Amadeo in the south, and the cities of Imus and Dasmarinas in the east.

General Trias is famous for its dairy products. More recently, various establishments have been built; thereby further bringing improvements to the nearly agricultural town. Commercial hubs and academic institutions are fast gaining ground due to its ideal location, convenient accessibility and target market, particularly northern part near the Cavite Export Processing Zone Authority (CEPZA) and the southern part which is upland and therefore experiences cool weather. However, floods continue to inundate some barangays along the riversides during the rainy season of May until October. Various initiatives have been undertaken by the government to control this havoc.

It is a must that every tourist visit the progressive town of General Trias, in order to experience the beauty of ambience in a modern rural setting, coupled with competitive and resilient Cavitenos who follow in the footsteps of our Republic's first Vice-President, General Mariano Trias.

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