Pillbug Habitat Preference

Published: 2021-06-29 06:45:33
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Pillbug Habitat Preference

Rollie Pollies, also known as pillbugs, are closely related to shrimp and crayfish. The pillbugs use gills to breathe, and require moist areas to breathe, though they can't survive in submerged. Weird huh? Pillbugs shed their cuticle as well. But not all at once. If you ever see a pillbug that is grey or brown on one end, and pink on the other end, then it is in the middle of molting. While doing this expirement a question had occurred, "Do pillbugs pee??" Turns out they don't! Pillbugs pass this gas through their exoskeleton called ammonia gas. Pillbugs also eat their own poop. Yummy!! The reason for this appetizing themselves with their own feces is because when they poop, they lose an essential element called copper, this behavior is Coprograhpy. Pillbugs show an example of taxis and kinesis too. For example, taxis is when an organism moves towards a stimulus, if it moves away it's negative taxis. Kenisis is when the organisms moves away it's negative taxis. Kenisis is when the organisms prefers to be in a specific favorable environment. This leads to the purpose of this magnificent lab. Pillbugs seem to be a good experimental bug to test where they prefer to live.

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