Pizza Hut Business Operations

Published: 2021-06-29 06:35:15
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Company overview

The largest national pizza chain, Pizza Hut has over 34,000 locations and has annual sales around $10 billion. Pizza Hut is a YUM! food brand, which means it has a comprehensive sustainability report that the public can access. Pizza Hut is also in the process of exploring green building design and has already incorporated some efficient fixtures in its stores. Pizza Hut offers boxes made with some recycled content. Pizza Hut also offers some natural ingredients in some of its items. Finally, Pizza Hut is beginning to track the impact of its supply chain

I. Brief Elaboration of a complete supply chain network for Pizza

Supply chain of pizza hut starts from the suppliers of pizza hut. There are direct suppliers and indirect suppliers of Pizza hut.

Direct suppliers of Pizza hut are three named as:
* Pepsi Company
* Bake parlour company (Buns) *
Habib oil Mills (First mineral water)

And all other material like Cutlery, meat, vegetables, sauces, and all other material come from their warehouse named as "Commissary". That material is purchased by Commissary means indirect suppliers of Pizza hut are:

* Meat market (Their owns cattle)
* Vegetable market
* Sauce companies

All direct material is demanded on daily basis and the mode of transportation, which they used, is trucks mostly they are Shezore. On every day end pizza hut manager forecasts the demand of next day and gives the order to the suppliers than next day morning the goods come to the Pizza hut. All indirect material i.e. vegetables, sauces, meat, cutlery and al material is purchased by the warehouse named by "Commissary". The material comes from warehouse by the trucks on every Wednesday.

Then Pizza hut takes the orders from its customers who come to pizza hut and also take the orders from the delivery service there is a specialized system in pizza hut which is connected to the delivery orders service so that 1 order list at a time come in the kitchen and at the manager's table also. Than production of pizza according to order starts and they deliver it with in 45 minutes at the door of customer and in pizza hut they just take 20 minutes to prepare the pizza and serve it to the customer. They claim that: "If we are unable to serve our customer within 15 minutes than there is no need to pay money to us."

Adjusting SC Member Capabilities

-Manager audit the Supply chain members capabilities & their partners, to determine consistency with needs of end customers & SC.
-Pizza hut continually reassess performance with respect to requirements.
-The best SC performers are more responsive to customer needs, quicker to anticipate changes in the markets, & control costs much better


The fast food chain recounts its transition from early data mining efforts to a project where it recovered the costs of software licensing and started generating revenue. Its ware house is situated in Bahadurabad . From where they have got all the material except direct one. Its warehouse is named as "Commissary".

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