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Published: 2021-06-29 06:40:27
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You can walk away and be as though nothing happened but her life is changed until the day she leaves this earth. You were the one that wanted the responsibility of a baby. You were the one that kept pushing for her to build a family with you. She loved you enough to give up her life n mold it to be what you wanted. To focus on her "family" . She sacrificed returning to school, to be able to work more hours to help support her new "family" . And you have the balls to just let it all go because your still to immature to realize what your doing is wrong. You have the decency to just let it be.Wanting needing and having are very diferent things. Wanting something you might not be ready for isnt always worth HAVING if its taken advantage of. & needing to feel free and independent isnt worth wanting if its done the wrong way. Everything your doing is extremely wrong and sadening. And now this whole story ends. With a broken family broken promises and promised dreams that now are more distant then ever however she will come out on the top at the end. Her heart will mend then there will be no need to pretend shell tell her baby her tales of the prince that had lost her one day and theyll smile and everything will be ok. Theyll grow up stronger then ever before theyll tell many stories and grow wiser and old.rheyll share a bond in which you couldve taken part.but it was only your choice to depart.

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