Polarities in the Bill Ford Video

Published: 2021-06-29 06:40:34
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Polarities in the Bill Ford Video

There were several polarities in the Bill Ford video/script. To name a few polarities are:

Big picture/Day-to-day details
Green/Not green
Long term vision/Short term vision

Bill Ford was aware that he could only handle the big picture. He let someone else worry about the details. When polarities are not managed, things are going to head one way and they did in Bill's case. "He became too disconnected from the company."(,20xxxxxx) To manage this polarity, meetings could be held with department heads to discuss the details and the goals of the big picture. Agreements could be made where the day-to-day details supported the big picture and the big picture was a result of the day-to-day operations.

Oh, the polarity of building the world's most environmentally friendly green building and produce vehicles that where so not environmentally friendly. The vehicle was so not green it was compared to cigarettes. To manage this polarity, a committee could have been set up to study the upside and the downside of building new or remodeling the old building. And to decide how to best use the $2 million, tearing down and rebuilding new vs remodeling the old building and making changes vs not changing their best money-making SUV.

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