Poll Case

Published: 2021-06-29 06:27:50
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What to Ask Yourself Before You Believe a Poll

1.Who carried out the survey? Do you trust the source?

2.What was the population? Whose opinions are being sought? Who exactly are they trying to find out about?

3.How was the sample selected? Was the sample random and representative? Do you think it was large enough?

4.How large was the sample?

5.What was the response rate?

6.How were the subjects contacted? By phone (both cell and land), mail, face-to-face interview?

7.When was the survey conducted? Was it just after or before some event that might have influenced opinion?
What you should know for Test 1


1.population 20. negative response error
2.sample 21. voluntary response error
3.inferential statistics 22. leading the question
4.descriptive statistics 23. self selected sample
5.qualitative variable 24. self serving
6.quantitative variable 25. source

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