Power Play for Howard Part, B

Published: 2021-06-29 06:30:29
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I. Issues concerning negotiation
A. Juwan Howard is a free agent.
B. Unseld needs a superstar in Washington.
C. Unseld needs to make a fair offer to keep Howard.
1. As a free agent, Howard can join another team.
2. To keep Howard, the organization must meet his requirements.
3. The organization cannot afford Howard's demand of $100 Million
II. Bargaining mix and connection of issues.
A. The Washington Bullets had a losing team for the past nine years.
B. Unseld needs to remain within the salary cap.
C. Unseld made a generous offer to Howard.
1. A young superstar like Howard could bring in more fans to stimulate the team.
2. Unseld could not compromise the financial future of the organization.
3. Another team with more funds made a counter offer to Howard.
III. Interests of Unseld.
A. Keeping Howard with the Washington Bullets.
B. Keeping the fans and the organization happy.

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