Programming Fundamentals Paper

Published: 2021-06-29 06:48:18
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Programming Fundamentals Paper

The information in this paper is about the comparison and contrasts about procedural programming modes and objects. I will describe the reusability, security in terms of hiding code, passing of data versus of encapsulation, how object-orientated are similar to procedural modules, and code reuse in more than one program. I will show how code reusability is use in computer programming world today.
The object reusability is for problem solving of data and code separation. This object is not an individual program, it is used by many programs for its service Reusability is an acquire attitude that makes object-oriented programming more pliable and attractive. The object-oriented programming is based on object reusability. This describes how object is actually a sum of information and functions that are apply to operate on the data. The object reusability is defined as independent empower, because the information inside each object represents the character
of the object and functions that are used to modification these characters as required by a program. These objects are afterward used in any other programs that acquire the same functionally. The reuse of objects assists in reduced the development time of programs.
The security in terms of hiding code is refers to hiding the objects capability to hide its information from code that is outside the object. The object's method is only applied to having a chance to directly access and make modification to the objects information. The data hiding code presents several advantages for programmers, because the objects are not capable to connect to irrelevant information and hackers are least likely to be able to access information. During the same acquiring time, hiding data can make it difficult for a programmer, who make need to more usage code to create effects in hidden information than would be necessary if the information were public. The objects could not directly access any information that is hidden. If the object does not access hidden information, it will return an error. The reason is the object cannot see the information, so any functions or information that is labeled as hidden will look unseen to the object.
The passing of data versus data encapsulation deal with information classes, the computer code, methods, and objects. The data hide passing is the format process of hiding the description of a function or objects. Data hiding also have convinced technique in programming the results in data security and least information complexity. The data encapsulation passing data is the process of associate and assembling elements in plan to create a new title and the wrapping of private information into a category. The data encapsulation includes implementation concerning the information and the method. Also data encapsulation includes how the category is hidden form users and how the method

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