Project Cost and Schedule Control

Published: 2021-06-29 06:34:10
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Course Project - 2
Project Cost and Schedule Control - PM592

Executive Summary
Hello my name is Steve Martin and I am interested in opening a photography studio so that I can take Linenko Photography to the next level. There are a number of steps required to opening a small business in Seattle, WA but I am confident that I have the necessary plan well laid out. The only thing missing from this equation is your financial help. In this brief document you will see the description of my company, the work breakdown structure (WBS) of what needs to be accomplished for us to open our doors, the cost estimate, any assumptions I have included in making my estimate, my financial analysis and schedule including a Gantt chart. I am hoping by reviewing this data that you will make the right decision and help me open the studio of my dreams.

Project Description
For those who don't know me I'm big into photography. I got my first camera in 2010 and have been taking pictures ever since. Very quickly after that my wife got into it as well. We spent that first year taking pictures of each other, walking around learning how to use our cameras and shooting scenery like it was going out of style. We got a lot of good shots. Then randomly someone asked if we wouldn't mind taking photos of them for their engagement pictures for their upcoming wedding. We took the photos and while looking at them we found that we had a natural talent in this field.
After this we started doing this for more and more people. Then after a little while we were charging people for it. Pretty soon after that we were moving onto weddings and photo booth shoots and that's where we are now. More and more people are calling us all the time trying to get us to take their pictures. We have the experience to get the clients we just don't have the space or time to receive all the clients that we want to. Right now we are doing this photography gig when we have spare time because we both work full time. For this reason we want to open a studio and start working on this year around.

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