Project Management for Riordan Manufacturing Company

Published: 2021-06-29 06:34:40
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In this paper I will be talking about the project management for Riordan Manufacturing Company. Riordian manufacturing deals with every step of electric fans from the genesis (beginning) to production. The largest plant for Riordan Manufacturing's Company is in Hangzhou, China with 251 employees. This marks their largest joint venture where they manufacture the plastic fans. There was plan for a change in location from Hangzhou within the next five years to Shanghai which lies close to the port.

Steps to assemble, develop, and manage the project team
Project managers play essential role in developing project teams. Each project manager will recruit members, conduct meetings, establish team identity, and create a common sense of purpose or a shared vision. These managers will also manage a reward system that encourage teamwork, decision making, resolve conflict running through a team, and rejuvenate team members in times of deficiency. To assemble and develop an effective team, a project manager needs to implement the five-stages of team development; forming, storming, norming, performing, and adjourning as well as setting following an organizational culture that best fits the project. The completion of the outlined steps will reveal the success or failure of the project.
Gray & Larson states that "project managers have found it useful to share the model with their teams. It helps members accept the tension of the storming phase, and it directs their focus to moving towards the more productive phases. Another implication is that it stresses the importance of the norming phase, which contributes significantly to the level of productivity experienced during the performing phase."

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