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Published: 2021-06-29 06:36:29
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China Bratcher
November, 30, 2011
English 4
My careers that interest me are childcare advocacy/social worker. I plan to create a PowerPoint about childcare advocacy/social worker on what the requirements are to get into that field. Also to see what classes you need to take to be on the right track to get into that field. A problem I will be trying to solve is helping families with their issues, and to make sure there is no signs of abuse going on in that household or environment. The event I will create is a situation where a family is having trouble, where the child has been abuse.
My project will address a real world issue that is child abuse. The audience will be parents and children because it would make parents stop abusing their children because they know what the consequences will be. The children will also be the audience because they need to know information about the signs of being abused.
This project relates to my career interests because it shows my emotional impact on helping children make their lives better and also to be in a stable environment. The method of technology I will use to present my project to the panel is PowerPoint. Each slide will contain different information to make it easier for me to explain and to present. The visual aids I will use to present my project are pictures of graphs that show the population of children being abused in Pennsylvania.

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