Proposed Title of the Project: A Discussion on the Absurd Theatre in Reference with Eugene Ionesco's Rhinoceros

Published: 2021-06-29 06:36:32
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Hindol Palit
Roll: ME10 00 33
Year: M A English, 3rd Semester
Proposed title of the project: A Discussion on the absurd theatre in reference with Eugene Ionesco's Rhinoceros
Supervisor: Dr. Subhbrat Sarkar
"...I'm the last man left, and I'm staying that way until the end. I am not capitulating!"
After the first reading of Rhinoceros, the present researcher conceives the play as a lone rebellion of an individual refusing the temptation of conformity. I am also surprised to see such an attempt from a playwright who so vehemently denounces the call of committed art. With a little perplexed mind, I start to consult Martin Esslin's Theatre of Absurd and immediately come to realize the terrible mistake I have committed. The apparently heroic defiance of individual on the face of infectious monstrosity is nothing but a fox's contempt for grapes. As I finish my second and third reading, it clears that Rhinoceros is not only a tract against conformism and totalitarianism, but a mockery against an individual who basks in the vain glory of having a superior mind and his frustrated grunting not to be part of a happy throng of lesser sensitive people.

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