Protecta’s “quad” Business Plan

Published: 2021-06-29 06:35:48
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Introduction           The first and foremost, we would want to share about the company of innovative marketing plan for PROTECTA’s “QUAD” products. The company Protecta was founded in August 2002 in Melbourne, Australia and the founder current Managing Director, Allen Chen. Protecta the main core business is smart phone accessories. All of the goods are made and import from China depends on the price are cheap. After shipping from China, the good s will be package in own company to mete out to customer. This high quality, experienced team is the best tradition of innovation protection. Today's young people enjoy listening to music, and people can find their emotion in music, listen to music, and relax them, and many people like to wear a headphone and enjoy music individually.          Since 2013, the company faces the economic down turn problem and the market is impact in the financial crisis and become more competitive. Besides that, Mr Allen has to decide to produce the new brands of “Quad” to all the consumers. There are three types of colour in each product such as red, black and white. There are four types of products in “Quad” such as wireless in-ear headphones, wired in-ear headphones, wireless over-ear headphones and wired over-ear headphones. Hence, Mr Allen start to set the service purposes in his company and set up a professional team and let the price become more advantage in market.          Furthermore, to boost up the products should quickly upgrade to help in the enterprises and the market of competitive become more urge. So, they also will indirect the consumer marketing channels with wholesalers and retailers to get the products as fast as possible. For the products “Quad” there are unique features in earphones by four earpieces. This is because enable let two persons enjoy and listen the music at the same time. This is the reason of why every consumer should purchase it and become more attractive to consumers.          Current Market SituationWith the improvement of bluetooth wireless audio transmission quality and the hard demand of the iPhone 7 for some phones to cancel the 3.5mm headphone jack, wireless earphones are becoming more and more users' choice. With the built-in "decoration" attribute of headphone, it is not surprising that the wireless headphone market is booming.A good wireless headset should have a stylish appearance, a good sound quality, a nice touch, a steady bluetooth connection, long range, and, of course, it would be better to have an active noise reduction.Today we introduce you to another such product - SONY MDR - XB950N1. It also meets all of the elements that we have mentioned above with respect to an excellent wireless headset, on this basis, the mdr-xb950n1 has a particular point of selling - adjustable bass.THERE ARE SOME REASONS THAT WHY PEOPLE LIKE THE WIRELESS OVER-EAR HEADPHONES             Eye watched 2017 painting end soon, and it's time to learn from the past looking to the future. In the last few days, the circle of friends has begun to open up a lot of "summary" patterns, except for the good digital products that we've met over the past year, and even a few of our own journalists have been using the flight data for the last year, and there's a lot of different things to do. I'm going to do the same thing, and it's kind of a habit, too, because at the end of the year, it's a lot of emotion, and I can't help but think about what's going on in this year, and I haven't been able to do it in a year, and the most important thing I've ever met in this year is a digital product that I want to give to everyone.

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