Psy 320 - Workplace Motivation

Published: 2021-06-29 06:43:16
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Workplace Motivation
Jesca Malabed
July 7, 2011
Del Royer

Workplace Motivation
Motivation in the workplace is one of the most key aspects of a superior management. Motivation is a tough and complex issue unless it is understood and handled effectively ("Workplace Motivation,"). Several times a manager/s of an organization asks their selves on how they can motivate their employees to be more productive and efficient because employees are the most important asset of a company. Organization or corporation thinks that without a positively motivated employee's; companies are not going to provide excellent customer service or high-quality products. In addition for a company to be considered successful not they only need to provide exceptional customer service or high-quality products but also their employees should be positively motivated.
Motivating an employee can be a challenging task, and it is the management's responsibilities to understand and learn how to motivate their employees. There are different ways to motivate employees; employees may be motivated through rewards, incentives, and recognitions. In every organization there is a reward or incentive programs to keep their employees motivated and work harder. Also there are employees who are intrinsically and extrinsically motivated. Intrinsic means an employee is self motivated and they do the job because the employee enjoy doing the work and extrinsic means the employee do the job because they have to do it or they obtain a reward for doing the task.
In this paper I will examine how various motivation strategies affect productivity at my work; I work at a retail store. There are different departments at my job where one individual can work. He or she can work in the front end, inside garden, outside garden, paint, home décor, electrical, plumbing, building materials, millworks, flooring, and appliances. I work in the front end and I am a front end supervisor. The front end department basically is the cashiers and the loaders. The retail corporation considers the front end as the first and last impression. In addition I will discuss first the management employee relationship and motivation strategy and second the corporation strategy.

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