Psychological Disorders

Published: 2021-06-29 06:39:33
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Psychological disorder is also known as mental disorder, which is a pattern of behavior or psychological symptoms that impact multiple lives and creates distress for the person experiencing these symptoms. There are so many different Psychological disorders such as; anxiety disorder, Depression, Childhood disorder, Personality disorder, and Adjustment disorders.
Anxiety disorder is dealing with person emotions on how they feel however; it's a more persistent problem than a passing bad feeling. When a person feel that they well-being is being threaten may result in either serious physical harm or death. This reaction are called fight or flight response because it activates us to defends ourselves or escape from harm way. While using fight or flight in a life threatening situation may save our lives. People faces different problem everyday such as losing a job, marriage break up ,or their kids failing in school . These problems might be a problem to our well-being, but may have more psychological impact, than a physical impact. These problems have a mild version on fight or flight response, that we call anxiety. "Anxiety alerts us to a problem, and motivates us to try to resolve the problem, because we want the anxiety to go away'' (Donald Franklin, Psychology Information,[email protected] 2010 December 8). If we never feel anxious about things, we would have little motivation to respond to problems until we were faced with a genuine crisis. "Normal anxiety is not a sign of a psychological disturbance, because we all experience it, and it helps us manage our lives by alerting us to problems requiring a response" (Donald Franklin, Psychology Information,[email protected] 2010 December 8). Anxiety disorders develop when we experience severe anxiety in response to minor or common problems, or when the anxiety never goes away, and actually interferes with our problem solving. Dealing with anxiety problem is very common. In the United States people visit the doctor for anxiety than coughs and clods. People that experience these feelings found it hard to cope with daily life.
Childhood Disorder behavioral control problems, including ADHD, conduct disturbance, and oppositional behavior. "Disorders caused by physiological or biological problems are more likely to be identified early in life, but some of these problems are not identified until adulthood'' (Donald Franklin, Psychology Information,[email protected] 2010 December 8). Most people look over because they feel childhood as a simple and carefree time without stress. Many kids experience this disorder due to their parents. There are many psychological disorders dealing with children without any physical causes. When kids develop mental or emotional disorder the parent blame themselves. There are many factors that cause childhood disorder. Once a person recognizes the problem, they need to seek treatment as soon as possible.

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