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Published: 2021-06-29 06:30:07
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1. What is the Business Intelligence Industry?
In Business Intelligence Industry, software companies offer applications or services that help clients with increasing data analysis. By 2009, the industry was worth $9 billion, and dominated by big-name companies such as SAP, Oracle and Microsoft.
2. Why would an organization purchase BI?
An organization purchases BI with a hope to handle increasing amount of data and derive in-depth insights for their business and management decisions in real-time, which is often difficult with traditional reports using Excel.
3. How attractive is the BI Industry?
Although there is a potential for new customers given that many managers are still unable to utilize BI in their decision making, the industry is dominated by the big 5 companies with resource power. Other players must find a niche market with unique offering to compete in the industry.
4. How well is Qliktech positioned for the future?
QlikTech’s positioning, which is offering “simple, low cost, fast and effective” for mid-sized companies, continues to be attractive for many of smaller companies. However, this positioning will not be unique in the future, as other big players start to offer products with similar positioning.

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