Race, Racism and Rationality

Published: 2021-06-29 06:46:04
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Race, racism and Rationality

As it stands the issue of race today is still too ingrained to be confronted and "fixed" in a single generation. America has had a long history of institutionalized discrimination, which over the second half of the twentieth century has attempted to correct in order to create an equal just society. Race still is an issue today and while before racial discrimination primarily regarded African American citizens it now has expanded to other ethnicities like Asian and Hispanic, whose populations have increases in the U.S. as a result of immigration. Newsbatch.com explains how over the past twenty years a "distinct trend of economic inequality has emerged", caused by low rates of property ownership and "disproportionate" welfare benefits. As a result of an increase in the population of minorities and a widening of the economic gap, racial tension continues to grow. So how can this issue of race be resolved?
Looking at what progress has already been made the most significant and dramatic impact made was during the civil-rights movement where non-violent protest and mass media coverage gave African Americans a reputable voice. So why don't we try more of that? A unified cause with a commonly held message is exactly what we need to remedy the situation. One could argue that because opposition hasn't been met with Billy clubs and tear gas that massive rally's just aren't necessary. So how are we dealing with the issue today?

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