Racial Discrimination and Hispanics in the United States

Published: 2021-06-29 06:46:05
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Racial Discrimination and Hispanics in the United States

Hispanics, since coming to the United States have had to deal with a great amount of prejudice and discrimination, having to endure multiple different types of discrimination as well. Members of today's society hold notions of Hispanics that they have been brought up to have. Mostly, it is not their fault that they have these notions, as it is just the way that they were brought up in the world and that this is the way the world and society as a whole think Hispanics are. Society holds some bias against Hispanics especially because they retain their language and speak it openly. What society fails to understand is that in coming to the United States, they have had to leave pretty much everything behind in terms of their regular lifestyles, cultures, and beliefs. The Hispanic people have had to adapt to the lifestyles of America, learning and assimilating the American lifestyle and culture while putting their own away in order to work in this society. The Hispanic language seems like the only form of their culture and heritage that they can keep around, so they do and embrace that.
Hispanics in the Work Force
Hispanics, due to whatever mechanic seems to be in place, be it discrimination, poor funding, or lack of interest seem to not do well in school. According to Crockett (2004) "Only 57% of Hispanics age 25 or older have completed four years of high school, and just 11% of Hispanics have at least four years of college." Also by Crockett (2004) "Economists say schools in the Latin American homelands of many of these workers are often inferior to the worst public schools in the U.S. And once people move here, immigrants generally prefer a paycheck -- which they often share with their families back home -- to a report card. Hence, many Hispanics don't develop the skills needed to land white-collar jobs." It is then this sense of mind that leads to powerful individuals, namely owners of corporations, taking advantage of Hispanics and paying them low wages in exchange for hard work. The Hispanic people just want a paycheck, so they will take mostly any job that they can get, and the above mentioned Powerful Individuals are all too eager to hire cheap labor. This then leads to Hispanics having a less apparent unemployment rate than other minorities, but at the cost of themselves being taken advantage of them by others who have no shame in doing so, as long as it lines their pockets with more money.

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