Radiation Safety

Published: 2021-06-29 06:44:36
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Radiation Safety

In the field of Radiology radiation safety is very important in protecting yourself and patients form radiation. Many devices and techniques help to shield us from harmful effects of radiation. It is the responsibility of the radiologic technologist to learn the philosophy, factors, and methods that minimize ionizing radiation exposure to their self and the patient. Forms of protection include filtration, collimation, shielding devices, and decreasing repeat exposures.

Filtration is a factor that affects patient exposure to radiation. In diagnostic radiology, aluminum is usually the metal used inside the radiographic tube that is used to absorb the harmful soft radiation. The glass or metal envelope inside the tube also helps remove very low energy photons. Filtration is used to filter out some of the harmful radiation that may affect surrounding personal.

Collimation is the restriction of the primary radiation to a limited area. Collimators are located on the tube housing and can be manually adjusted to have the x-radiation cover an area smaller or larger than the film size. Cones and diaphragms are beam-restricting devices that can be attached to the tube housing. These devices decrease the size of the beam and limit the area of exposure to the patient, thereby reducing the harmful effects of scatter radiation.

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