Rainbow and Taussaint

Published: 2021-06-29 06:44:37
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In the 18th century, it was a world full of hostility, among people and races.
Both are brilliant military leaders and humane statesmen
Worthy opponents
Neither was able to ensure the prosperity of his people
Shrewd political leader
Learned that no single race had a monopoly on cruelty or virtue
Furious with the inequality between races
Both relied on outside forces in an effort to achieve their goals, Toussaint achieved greater success in playing off he white nations against each other in Haiti that Tecumseh did by relying upon the British to defeat the Americans.
Heroes to their people.
Promote harmony between races, opposed torture, murder and mistreatment of captives and other innocent people of other races at a time when most people were willing to accept them. Resisted the odds against, even among their own followers.

Toussaint (1743-1803):
- Created an army of black and mulattos
- Defeat of English, Spanish and French armies
- Liberated the French colony of Santo Domingo
- Abandoned his position as a steward of livestock at the Breda plantation

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