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Published: 2021-06-29 06:27:05
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"Robinson Crusoe", which was written by Daniel Defoe, appeared with a new style in its time. The strange on this novel was its title which has been changed. Now its title is "Robinson Crusoe", but the previous was like a summary of the whole actions, it was "THE LIFE AND STRANGE SURPRIZING ADVENTURES OF ROBINSON CRUSOE OF TORK, - MARINER: Who lived Eight and Twenty Years, all alone in an uninhabited Island on the Coast of AMERICA near the Mouth of the Great River of OROONOQUE; Having been cast on Shore by Shipwreck, wherein all the Man perished but himself. WITH An Account how he was at last as strangely deliver'd by PYRATES.(, n.d.) Also we find that Defoe did not use his name on that novel and instead he wrote that it was written by Himself for the sake of what? In the same time, he used the pronoun "I" and the first type narrator in order to force the readers to sympathize with the hero. Besides, he portrayed Crusoe as a man who has all the justifications for every deed he does. Actually, these things and others pushed me to wonder about this way, this style, and this purpose of the author. I brought to my mind the expression of Bill Ashcroft when he said: "One of the main features of imperial oppression is control over language".(Ashcroft,1938:7) This sentence changed my mind because I found the answer seems very clear here when I remembered Edward Said's sentence: "The Orient has helped to define Europe or the West as its contrasting image, idea, personality, experience". (Said, 1979:1-2). By gathering these two ideas, we can discover the truth that 'Robinson Crusoe' is a book of teaching, so it is allegorical one. Since the language of Crusoe who is considered as a colonizer here, it is good to fight against it because fighting is the only way to defend the others, the oriental, the black, the Muslims, and even the savages, of being nations who deserve to be colonized. It is a fact that whenever a great country intends to occupy a country, it goes to occupy its language and its culture before its land. If we relate this to Crusoe, many people will ask about that reason pretending that there are no similarities between both. No, there are many similarities if we think deeply in that way. The colonizer usually says about himself that I am here to help, give food, and to free. It is the same with Crusoe who gives food to Friday in order to keep him under his control. In addition, using the pronoun "I" and portraying the narrator himself as the author is the way to teach the west how to be superior people who always control and never be controlled of others specially in Crusoe. Crusoe talked to several kinds of people from different cultures which emphasizes the idea of being a social man who needs the others in his life; but the question is how did he communicate with those people and why did he deal with them in different ways and tongues?! It was clear that we did not mention any declaration that this paper is about Reader Response Theory on Robinson Crusoe but not on every issue in this novel. From the previous speech, the reader, as we are sure, became eager to know more about language used in this novel, so this paper will apply this theory on the side of language. Therefore, Crusoe controlled his language as a narrator, a master, and a normal man who is a part of a group to convince the reader of his miserable life, as he said.

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