Realism in Film

Published: 2021-06-29 06:42:30
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From the theories of film, realism and expressionism are considered to be the substantial branches whereas they are against each other. Realism, as Chris Baldick suggested in the literary way, "is a mode of writing that gives the impression of recording or 'reflecting' faithfully an actual way of life" (212). He interprets that realism should based on descriptions which must be accurate and detailed and this always refers to recording the reality. In addition, it should reflect the actual problem of life without using idealization, escapism, and romance. The definition for realism specific in the field of film is basically identical to the literary one. Susan Hayward states, "It purports to give a direct and 'truthful' view of the 'real world' through the presentation it provides of the characters and their environment" (311). Filmmakers aim to present the real world to the audiences. It advocates that the real world, rather than those imaginative stories should be shown on the screen. It can also act as an alarm clock to the audience in order to make them alert to the surroundings and tell them what is happening in this society.
As James Monaco interprets, "film ought to exercise this mimetic power in the opposite way: by contradicting, molding, forming, shaping reality rather than reproducing it" (399). In contrast to films of expressionism which make some innovative and supernatural stories, realistic filmmakers bring out their views and thoughts from what they have realized in this society and reality. They reflect some problems which have or have not been discovered by the audience and this reflection instead, will often stimulate the audience to think about what they can be done for this situation and even can bring to a revolution.

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