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Published: 2021-06-29 06:42:18
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Reality TV shows is a genre of television programming that document actual events often presented by ordinary people instead of professional actors. Reality shows popularity has been increasing on the last decade; channels like MTV have changed their original concepts of entertainment to meet the demand of people for reality shows. Apparently, people like the drama that reality shows have to offer; the public responds to the drama presented, however, networks are forced to come up with more ideas and concepts to create new reality shows. A very popular concept for reality TV is dating game shows. TV shows like the Bachelor, Temptation Island and Flavor of Love are becoming more and more popular with time. Everybody loves a good love story, and if viewers are capable of watching blossom from the beginning makes it even more interesting; by adding some drama and competition producers get the perfect formula to create a new dating game show. Even though reality dating shows may be entertaining, I believe that some of them portray concepts that are morally wrong; in addition some of these shows also present violent and dramatic behavior which some people may feel identified with. Two clear examples of this argument are shows like The Bachelor and Flavor of Love. Even though the concept of these two shows is morally wrong, I believe they differ in the behavioral matter of the contestants presented. The Bachelor and Flavor of love have differences in, behavior, production and results and because of that these two reality shows manipulate differently the perceptions of viewers on the concept of love.

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